Massage by Jeanette - treat yourself to tranquility
  • Swedish Massage - A lighter touch massage used to relax the body, soothe tired, aching muscles and help maintain good health. Available in hour sessions ($60) and 1/2 hour sessions ($30).
  • Deep Tissue Massage - A deeper touch massage that typically focuses on specific muscles that need more pressure. For those days where your muscles are very tight and stiff, this maybe the treatment best suited for you. Available in hour sessions ($60) and 1/2 hour sessions ($30).
  • Hot Tea and Honey Facial - Starting with a chamomile tea wrap which helps to soothe and relax you, then a massage for your face to ease the stress. After the massage, a honey mask is applied which helps your skins health and appearance. Then to "wake" you up, a peppermint tea wrap is applied. By using the variety of teas, this increases the local blood flow which in turn reduces pain, relieves stiffness and overall reduces your stress. Available in one hour sessions ($60).
  • Cold Stone and Aromatherapy for Migraines - Cold Stones strategically placed on various pressure points of face, head and neck to reduce the swollen blood vessels that can cause migraines along with special blends of aromatherapy oils massaged into specific areas on the face for additional treatment.($60)
  • Gift certificates for any of the above services are also available.
  • Chair Massages at Your Business. Please contact me via phone or contact form to discuss further.
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